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BC Sash Window Refurbishment & Restoration

A real statement in an original setting

This original sash window may never have been replaced during its lifetime and with careful maintenance has stood the test of time.

Most vertical sash windows were made from slow grown timber, incuding many older windows in residential properties. We refurbish & renovate all types of sash windows. Call or e-mail us for more information.

What happened here!

At some point in the past, the windows in this building were removed, leaving the facade looking out of place in this really fantastic looking building.

It is unlikely that the owner may want to re-instate these windows or indeed if the planners will allow it.

This is an extreme example of losing a set of sash windows but a greater threat is the replacement of these classic designs with contemporary uPVC windows.

There is an arguement that such new windows are more efficient and require little or no maintenance. We have not as yet seen a hundred year old uPVC window, but know that they are liable to fail over time, just as the traditional window, but with one exception, they cannot be readily refurbished or repaired.

Welcome to BC Sash Windows

Thank you for taking time to visit our site. We offer a comprehensive Restoration & renovation service for vertical sliding sash windows.

We renovate & refurbish your existing sash windows to bring them back to full working order. Contact us today for more information.

Sash Window Refurbishment & Renovation.

Traditional Sash windows were designed and built to last. While many sash windows have been lost and replaced by more modern products, call us to see if your existing sash windows can be saved and retained.

In many cases, a cost effective refurbishment will breath new life into your sliding sash windows, for years to come.

A lovly example of a contemporary build with vertical sliding sash windows.

Why choose to refurbish?

While it may appear at first impression that your existing sash windows are tired and in need of replacement, the option to refurbish & renovate offers a real opportunity to retain them. More often than not we can refurbish as well as being able to bring them up to a modern standard of insulation and draught-proofing.

With the addition of modern, high specification slim-lite double glazing, we can increase insulation, but more importantly, retain the look of your existing sash windows with a minimum of disruption.

What to look for when checking your windows

Wooden sash windows may at times appear to be beyond repair.
The example above shows signs of early deterioration.

The Cill and lower sash have been exposed to the elements and paintwork has failed over time.

The Cill has also been filled with a sand and cement mix, allowing water to penetrate underneath. This may cause the wood to rot, requiring the sill to be replaced.

We can prevent this window from being lost by using traditional materials and techniques to restore it to full working order.

Beauty & Function

It is very unusual for a sash window to be beyond repair. When they were originally made , slow grown wood was used in their manufacture to ensure stability and a long service life.

We know that with careful matching of the original wood with suitable alternatives, a sliding sash window can be successfully renovated.

By renovating your windows you can avoid intrusive work associated with new window  installations.

You may also have a slightly "wonky" window frame which fits very well in the window opening and would be costly to replicate with a modern wooden replacement or nearly impossible with a uPVC alternative.

Retain your existing windows, call or e-mail us today for more information.


Keep it original & Authentic

A great advertisement for a street where the windows can create a symetry and are pleasing on the eye. Modern window systems are equally effective and create a statement, as well as being practical. Can you see them?

If however there is no need to replace your existing sliding sash windows, which may only neeed some tender loving care, please do get in touch for a no obligation survey.

We will provide an initial survey which will let you know the extent of any work required.

Round The Back!

We are dedicated to preserving the integrity of these windows and will ensure that you get an honest appraisal.

The image above shows how a multi-occupancy building can become an eye-sore.

With different owners, some of these windows are showing signs of deterioration while others have been carefully maintained..

While it may be a difficult task, most of these windows can be saved and not lost to the elements.

Safety First with beauty to boot.

Why use our services

We offer a comprehensive range of products and services to refurbish & renovate sash windows.

We can replace sash cords, weights and window furniture. We also offer glass replacement/double glazing and freeing up stuck and painted in windows.

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